The Why....

Solutions - The "WHY" in our systems is the Intent of Design as determined by the Loss Prevention and Security Professionals whom with we work. It is the goal and desire of Property and Business Owners to deter crime without incident. It is the denial of Fraudulent Liability and Workman’s Compensation claim before their cases begin. End game solutions are “WHY” our systems are installed in the first place. If you identify with any of these topics, please review this section and call us with any questions you may have.

Complete Business Security Coverage

Retail Loss Prevention
Our Loss Prevention Solutions will Lift Your Bottom Line

Property Management
Create and Maintain Cost Savings Throughout Your Business

Corporate Risk Management
Avoid Fraud and Protect Your Business Assets

Covert Surveillance
Under Cover Video Surveillance for Your Business that only you know about

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
Custom Security Options to Suit Your Business Requirements

Project Management
Multi-Tasking at its finest.....

Video Retrieval Service
Watch your General Liabilities Shrink right before your eyes.....

Re-Installation Services
Don't let good equipment go to waste

Wholesale Commercial Monitoring
Consolidate Operations and Save Money at the Same Time

Warranty Assumption Program
Rest easy. Your new Vendor-Partner has your back.