Wholesale Commercial Monitoring

Consolidate Operations and Save Money at the Same Time

The Wholesale Commercial Monitoring Program from Huntington Security Systems, Inc. is a new effort to consolidate and organized all burglar alarm, fire alarm, EMS, and video verification services for commercial enterprises with at least 50 locations or sites within the United States at a 30% to 50% cost savings. To accomplish this, HSS will work with prospective customers on the company systems profile, alarm contract analysis, cost savings analysis, transfer of accounts, and on-going maintenance and service of the monitored systems.

Company and Systems Profile

It is important for each customer to understand what it is monitoring at its stores or facilities. Inconsistent security hardware from site to site is an everyday occurrence in the security industry. This may mean different types of monitoring services are required from one location to another. While the alarm and security hardware is many times different from one site to the next, HSS can establish a monitoring protocol that is easy to understand and performs consistently within the company’s operation. Likely fact-finding questions would include:

  • How many stores and/or facilities are in the company and where are they located?
  • Is there a corporate specification for security hardware? If so, what is it and are all locations in compliance?
  • What are the remodel and new site construction plans going forward?

It is imperative for HSS to understand customers intimately because only then can we help the Security Professionals and Company Management carry out the most effective security measures for the business at the best value.

Alarm Contract Analysis

If a company has multiple vendors for monitoring services at multiple locations, the costs, renewal dates, terms, and other conditions of these various alarm agreements will be different for each account. Therefore, adding to our customers’ overall profile will require the inclusion of an alarm contract analysis. This will calculate the total current monitoring costs and the best dates to transfer each alarm account (system). Once the alarm contract analysis is complete, cost savings will need consideration as a part of the business decision at hand.

Cost Savings Analysis

Many companies struggle with accurately calculating what they are paying for their security monitoring services. The following issues arise:

  • Numerous alarm companies with different billing cycles and formats. Many companies inherit different alarm companies as they acquire existing buildings and facilities. Many times Construction Departments and Project Managers use random Alarm Vendors because they only take the lowest bidder or they are given no instructions from management.
  • What is being charged for monitoring, service and maintenance agreements, equipment leases, and other indirect fees? These charges need to be separated and understood. Unnecessary charges here can be eliminated forever.

With a clear breakdown of what services are being rendered for the company, it is time to eliminate any unutilized services. These are often monthly or periodic reports printed and sent but never read, understood, or used. Ongoing maintenance agreements with alarm companies are often abused and seldom fulfilled according to the agreement. All fixed and recurring charges need to be considered and removed if possible.

With a true and lean cost for monitoring, it is time to compare the existing charges and services to the HSS Wholesale Commercial Monitoring Program offer. HSS estimates are provided on a case by case basis and require at least 50 alarm accounts to be added in the first 3 months of approving the program.

Transfer of Accounts

The Huntington Security Systems Operations Department will work with at least one dedicated customer employee during the transfer process. HSS nationwide affiliate technicians will reprogram (whenever possible) alarm panels to be directed to the new central station monitoring center. If the equipment is faulty, “locked-out”, or requested to be upgraded, the customer will be offered the required materials at a deeply discounted rate. Fees for installation and reprogramming will be charged with a low cost to the customer approach. All systems are under complete control and ownership of the customer. No system leases or long-term commitments are required of the customer. Monitoring services are straightforward and billed month to month.

System Maintenance and Service

System service calls are performed on an as needed basis. HSS will not propose or request the customer sign any maintenance agreements as they only add to the fixed costs of the customer. Labor rates are proposed in consideration of the customer profile and alarm account locations.

What are Benefits of Monitoring Consolidation?

  • 30% to 50% cost reductions in monthly account monitoring fees, FOREVER!
  • Elimination of unutilized services and reports resulting in further cost savings.
  • Centralized operations of all alarms, account information, and alarm signal dispatches.
  • Simplified after-hours and on-call communications for company personnel.
  • Global reporting of site openings, closings, false alarms, break-ins, and other alarm related activity for every company location.
  • More efficient security operations through centralizing all alarm activity.
  • Complete customer control and ownership of all security hardware and alarm account services.

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