Property Management

Create and Maintain Cost Savings Throughout Your Business

If you are a property owner or manager, Huntington Security Systems Inc. can help you create cost savings in several areas of your business. We specialize in fire life safety systems such as fire alarms and automatic fire sprinkler systems in addition to our traditional security products.

More specifically, we can save you money on an ongoing basis through our inspection and maintenance services programs. We understand the need to be cost efficient with regard to monitoring, maintenance, and fire inspections. All inspection services meet local Fire Authority requirements, NFPA requirements, and California building code title 19.

We are also creative in helping property managers and owners find solutions to unique problems such as protecting physical building assets. For example, we are aware of the copper theft problem that occurs on rooftops and other places that HVAC units are located. Please contact our office to see how one of our unique designs can help protect your properties and tenets.