Retail Loss Prevention

Our Loss Prevention Solutions will Lift Your Bottom Line

Retail Loss Prevention Department's have come a long way in the last 30 years. Investigators have gone from sneaking behind two-way mirrors to data mining their point of sale systems, RFID tagging systems, and of course digital video security. Huntington Security Systems Inc. is proud to work with these professionals on an ongoing basis to help them protect company assets and create safe environments for their employees and customers alike.

Loss prevention investigators are constantly faced with shoplifting, internal shrink, fraudulent claims (Worker's Compensation insurance and general liability), as well as Organized Retail Crime ORC. As crime patterns have become increasingly sophisticated, so have the technologies to track them. When considering these patterns, many factors are considered and Huntington Security Systems, Inc. has he experience to share what it takes to get the best results from your systems.

Through years of working with retail professionals, Huntington Security Systems, Inc. has gained significant knowledge across the industry in a way to most effectively deter the different areas of losses. When working with retail clients, we use this experience to successfully create our security system designs. We will also recommend the best type of system for the job. For example, exit doors may be a common target in one particular area and just because a camera is there does not mean they can stop product from leaving their store. Huntington Security Systems Inc. has a specific system for this type of problem which is extremely cost effective.

We have many such designs which we have developed over the past 17 years. Please call our design consultants to schedule an appointment and see how we can help you solve unique issues are the most cost effective manner.