Video Retrieval Service

Watch your General Liabilities Shrink right before your eyes.....

Not everybody has a newer DVR at their site or in their operation and if they do, they may not have online high-speed access to it or the ability to download file sizes adequate for investigative cases.

Huntington Security Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce our video retrieval service! Working with company investigators, loss prevention specialists, general liability claims staff, and workman’s comp personnel, we have developed a unique service of going to our client’s site in a timely manner to burn or record whenever footage is necessary for their investigation or their claims case.

Huntington Security Systems, Inc. technicians are fully trained on nearly every DVR, NVR, and VCR to have ever been seen in our industry. Many times certain corporate personnel who need these files for legal purposes do not have the experience, know now, or even the resources to visit a site and get the evidence they need.

Time and time again this invaluable service has been used to turn away erroneous claims made against corporations and mitigate actual claims in the most cost efficient way. Please contact our service department to inquire about this service at your convenience.