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Why Digital Video Surveillance, IP Cameras, and MegaPixel Technology?

Since our inception, CCTV and Digital Video surveillance installation and service has been a mainstay for Huntington Security Systems, Inc. We have installed cameras of all types into every form of commercial, industrial, and retail location since 1993.

Digital Video Surveillance, IP Cameras and MegaPixel Camera Technology help Retail Operators, Building/Facility Managers, Executives, and Security Personnel control and minimize safety, security, and theft issues at their businesses. Today, cameras are nearly everywhere you look, but simply having a CCTV system installed is not enough.

With over 20,000 cameras installed, Huntington Security Systems, Inc. offers the highest level of expertise in developing a system that targets the most critical areas for loss, security, and safety concerns. We have a wide selection of DVR’s, NVR’s, Hi-Res IP and MegaPixel Cameras. Use MegaPixel Technology to install cameras in fewer areas while covering more ground, literally! Let us help you design what's best for your location.

In our Design, Installation, and Maintenance Departments, extensive experience offers our customers a value that no other competitor can match. As a systems integration company, we do not just integrate equipment. We pride ourselves on integrating the systems we install to the solutions our clients need and expect. This client solution focus, adds a unique blend of quality and value not found in other security systems companies.

Please take a moment to review our services, solutions, and experience

as you will find we are a unique match to what you are looking for. Please contact our office for proposals and pricing information. Also notice a partial list of the DVR's/NVR's and digital video cameras we supply. Please contact us about our direct purchasing program.

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